Greek Island Sailing Holidays – Exploring the Legendary Islands on a Yacht Charter

Regardless of the economic crisis that prevails in Greece, the sun still shines there inviting the visitors to explore the tavernas, ancient sites, vineyards and beaches. Ever since the ancient times, sailing across the Greek islands hold deep-rooted affiliation, predominantly in the epics of Homer. If you are planning a family trip to this country, why not plan a Greek island sailing holidays for your family.Sailing on a yacht charter provides an impeccable experience of steady winds gently pushing you through the crystalline waters of Greece. It will lead you to the renowned islands of the country and its fascinating culture. You just need to hire an experienced broker to plan your yachting vacation to Greece.Reaching GreeceAthens is the hub for best charter yachts in Greece comprising high-end marinas along with all your desired amenities. The ideal way to reach there and begin your chartered vacation is through flights. A huge numbers of direct flights fly from various European cities to Athens all through the year, offering easy accessibility to the visitors. Moreover, if you belong to some other nations, the following routes can provide convenient accessibility to you -

For Americans, direct flights are available from Philadelphia and New York during the summer season.

If you fly from Canada, you can find various direct flights to Athens from Montreal and Toronto.
Greek Islands – endless possibilities to exploreAs a charterer, you can find endless numbers of opportunities in Greek islands to discover starting from the secluded anchorages to ageless coastal towns and magical bays. Having over 6,000 islands and about 16,000 km coastline around the Ionian and Aegean seas, Greece becomes a much sought after destination for sailing worldwide.Every Greek island has its unique characteristics and attractions offering you innumerable opportunities for exploring the delightful cuisine, history, timeless culture and secluded ports of Greece. You can either hire a catamaran charter or a monohull charter for your Greek island sailing holidays depending on your pre-requisites and budget.Key island sailing destination With so many island groups available in the country, it may become a tedious task for you to sail all in one trip. Thus, you need to revisit Greece a number of times for exploring all of them. However, being a first time sailor, you should visit the following famous islands of the country -

The Cyclades – One of the most famous island groups in Greece, the Cyclades comprises numerous islands with only 24 inhabited ones. The much-preferred islands of this group include Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Delos and Sifnos. The perfect time to sail your charter yacht here is between the months of June and Mid-July.

The Ionian – Located in the western coast of the country, the Ionians is a set of 12 islands as well as islets. Some of the most popular among them are Lefkada, Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Strofades and more. The ideal time to visit these islands is in the evening during the sunset.

Dodecanese – Comprising a group of 12 stunning islands like Rhodes, Tilos, Lipsi and more, Dodecanese offers imposing monuments and Greek gastronomy for you to explore.

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