All About Taking Greek Ionian Sailing Holidays

Everybody loves a holiday once in a while especially if they situated on a beach with the blazing hot sun and bright blue sky with the added comfort of having the soft white grainy sand to tickle in between your feet. The experience is usually coupled with a nice cool beverage and an ice cream in the other hand. One of the more popular places that people tend to go for is Greece where many people are becoming more and more attracted to Ionian sailing holidays.What is an Ionian sailing holiday I hear you say? This is no more than a sailing holiday around the Ionian Islands. Why the Ionian Islands? Quite simply because they offer the best sites and sceneries anyone would want. This is one of those holidays that really do offer a cool beverage and warm weather even if you are not lying on a beach. Ionian sailing holidays are open to anyone looking for a different kind of holiday; however there are a few ground rules for people thinking about going sailing.These ground rules are more directed towards people who are planning on skippering their own boats and making a go of travelling by themselves or with other people. The first ground rule is that they must at least have some experience skippering their own boat, whether through training or via previous sailing experience. There are various levels to the training which could qualify you to sail to Asia or Australia, or only to places like Greece or anywhere within the Mediterranean coast.These training can be done within ones home country whereby the trainer should provide the trainee a certificate of completion that can be recognised anywhere around the world, depending on what level the training has been completed at. For most people sailing is actually something that they would enjoy with friends or family as it is not usually something people would like to do alone. If this is the case then those skippering the boat will need to have had some experience travelling with other people on board as most yacht chartering companies will not rent out boats without the guarantee of experience.Those looking into taking sailing holidays but have no skippering experience will feel much more comfortable with a fully staffed and skippered boat. This is usually where there is a trained captain of the boat, with other members of staff providing room service, catering service and other forms of hospitality services on board. Usually a large yacht would inhabit other holiday makers and people who are designated their own sections on board.

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